An exciting experience: selling coupon on ebay

We do a lot of shopping at Target, especially for baby items, such as formula, diapers, and baby food. At the checkout, Target often randomly prints out coupons for items that are related to the purchased ones. I usually look through the coupons and only keep those that I know I will use in the future and discard the rest.

Last week, I read a blog article which talks about selling coupons on ebay. A little spark kindled in my mind: maybe I can do it too? I remembered I have a $8 Taget coupon for infant formula that I am about to throw away since Daisy no longer need infant formula. I then listed the coupon on ebay for three-day bidding with shipping cost $0.50 and starting bid at $0.99. Now the bids were ended and the final bidding price is $3.25. Deducting ebay and paypal fee, I am about $2 richer now.

Woohoo! What an exciting experience!


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