Order pizza at Costco

Yesterday after school Eric and I went to Costco.  Eric’s favorite food at Costco food court is Cheese pizza.  Usually I ordered the pizza for him.  However, this time I encouraged him to order his own food himself.  Eric looked a little nervous at my suggestion, but he was willing to give it a try.

When it was our turn, Eric went forward to the window bravely, and I followed him closely but stood behind him.

The lady asked me, “what do you want?”

I refrained to answer her question, and instead I asked Eric, “What do you want, Eric?”

The lady was kind enough to ask Eric a second time encouragingly, “What do you want?”

“A slice of cheese pizza.” Eric answered, with a little bit shy and in a low voice.

“Cheese pizza?” The lady asked again to confirm.

“Yes.” Eric was much relieved this time.

Afterwards, hubby and I paid Eric a big compliment for his brave behavior.

Bravo, Eric!


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