Should teenagers engage in serious relationships?

This has sat in my draft for several days and I forgot to publish it.

I usually do the daily poll on  Today’s question is very interesting.  It is about if you think teenagers should engage in serious relationships.

I am not sure about the answer since my kids are still young.  When I myself was a teenager, I buried myself in books to strive for good school records, so I never thought of having relationship with someone.  The only topic-related thing I did back then was to secretly like certain boys in the class from time to time, usually those boys who were academically good. How silly!

Okay, back to the topic.  I replied the poll question by choosing #4 “Depends on the individuals.”  It’s interesting to know that 37% of America parents don’t agree teenagers to engage in serious relationships.  Good to know.  I thought only Asian parents may say NO.

What’s your answer to this question?



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