play at the park

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Saturday was a warm day. After raining all day on Friday, the sunshine was felt even more precious. We went to the nearby park.

Eric loves to go to this park because there are a lot of equipments for kids to play: swings, slides, balancing, motions, climbers, etc.. However, we don’t go as often as we should due to trivial excuses or simply laziness. I put it on my to-do list: at least once a month to the park.
Daisy loves to go to park too.  Nanny usually takes her to a park near their house daily.  Several times in the morning after I send her to the nanny’s house, in the front yard Daisy directly goes to the stroller to ask for a walk to the park.  There is still not much she can do in the park.  She climbs up the slide and I hold her to slide down together.  She also practices the swing.  Eric is such a good brother that he helps to push Daisy while she was on the swing.
On the grass, the kids were so happy exploring the nature and enjoying the soft grass by rolling over on them.

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