One | Take It Easy


I am practicing a more balanced and slow-down life with the mindset of “take it easy”: Dealing with ulcer in winter days.

Every year around this period of time (Dec – Feb) in the past 5 years, I catch a cold at least once and have ulcer under my nose or around my mouth.  It’s kind of hard time for me.   The weather is cold and dry.  The ulcer is ugly looking and offers an uncomfortable feeling.  Accompanying it with a bad memory, I almost think it’s a symbol to show that I couldn’t live out of my old self.

Today during lunch time, I couldn’t help but complain the ugly ulcer with my co-workers.  To my surprise, both of the two kind ladies said ulcer is good for my body, because it helps expelling toxins of the body.  One of them actually has ulcer at her mouth too.

After the discussion with my co-workers, I felt so comforting.  It is good to know that I am not alone.  More importantly, the discussion reminded me of positive thinking — focusing on the good side of everything.  Ulcer is ugly and uncomfortable, but it’s also a signal of the body demand, an outlet of eliminating toxins. Only when my thinking is turned to the right channel will I keep up my mood and search for the solution.

Once I slow down and face up to it, I find it’s not that hard to prevent ulcer.  The root cause is weather.  The temperature goes up and down drastically within a week. It’s not easy to wear properly and keep warm.  However, this can be easily solved just by watching out for weather forecast and prepare in advance.  The weather here in Southern California is very dry too.  Drinking enough water and eating lot of fruit daily are absolutely necessary.

The solutions are straight forward.  The carry out requires more mindfulness though. For example, I tend to forget to drink water even though the glass is in front of me on the table. That’s one of the reasons why I write this “Take it Easy” series.  I would like to learn to slow down, be more mindful, and enjoy the “present” moment. Hopefully writing this series will help me to see through fickleness and live up to my value.  At least, I don’t care so much of the annoying ulcer, and I believe I can overcome it.  Definitely.


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