Two| Take It Easy


I am practicing a more balanced and slow-down life with the mindset of “take it easy”:  Motherhood – don’t worry too much about the kids.

Mom is the life and soul of a family.   She determines the atmosphere of the family life.   With an unhappy mom, it’s almost impossible to have a happy family.  However, most of the moms are worried too much of their kids: school, work, health, marriage — almost everything of their kids.  How can a mom like this be a happy mom?

According to the Law of Attraction, you can get whatever you want, as long as you have strong enough desire.

If a mom believes her kids have the power and ability to deal with all the issues and difficulties in their lives, this “believe” will become a “bless”.  As a consequence, her kids will become truly blessed because of such strong blessing from their mom.  On the contrary, if a mom worries too much of their kids, this “worry” may become a “curse”.  The aftereffect might be her kids becoming what she worries about.

Therefore, mom, please examine your each and every flashing thinking in your mind: do you truly believe and thus bless your kids, or do you worry too much?  Truly, if you love your kids, don’t worry for them, believe in them, bless them!

I read this Chinese article from here.  This article came in just in time.  I need such positive thinking.  Kids have their own way of life, and they have to learn to face and experience their own life.  As a mom, the best I can do is to believe in them, trust them, and bless them.

Original article:







一个妈妈如果相信:她的孩子有能力去面对他自己的生活困境 与难题,那么这个相信就是一个“祝福”,而她的孩子也会因着这样的祝福而蒙福的。相反的,如果一个母亲老是“觉得”她的孩子不懂事,不会照顾自己,一定会吃亏上当的,那么这个“担心”很可能就成了“诅咒”,以后你的孩子果然就会如你之前所担心的那样,老是出状况令你担心。佛家讲“愿力”、“念力”,你的愿有多大,实践的力量就有多大。



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