Online selling

I finally mustered up courage to propose to boss that I would like to sell our company’s products online.

Before, I wasn’t interested in involving in this online selling according to observation of other co-workers’ several experiments.   However, this early morning the idea of on-line selling suddenly popped up in my mind, “Why don’t I just give it a try?”  My reasoning are as following:

1) I am an ebay power seller, and I have some experience under my belt;  Talking about selling on websites like ebay, I am confident to be one of the best candidates.

2)  I will be most happy and fulfilling if I can contribute to the company’s sales amount and profit margin;

3) Sourcing out items to sell is a tiring job; to sell own company’s products guarantees supply of goods.

Unfortunately (or fortunately in a dialectical way), boss said he has assigned another coworker to set up a new account to do so, and the online account was just created last week.  Oh..well, I just changed my mind too late.

Anyway, best luck to this co-worker!  I’ll offer help if there is any need.



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