Chit Chat Project

I would like to engage myself in a new Chit Chat Project.

The objective of this project is to make me feel as natural and casual as it can be whenever to talk with others.

I am a reserved person and tend to keep to myself most of the time.   I found myself often to use English-not-my-mother-tongue as the communication barrier and excuse of not talking with others frequently and properly.  However, excuse is excuse.  Since I have recognized chit-chat is one of my weak points, I shall put it on priority of my schedule and come out of solutions to tackle it until it’s no longer an issue to me.

The timeline of this project could be life-long.  However, I expect I shall see significant progress by the end of this year.  My goal for year 2014: By the end of this year, I feel confident and at ease enough to communicate with anyone, either in the church, at the company, or even at a grocery store.  I’ll review the progress at year end, but also update it monthly, while I keep a daily record of how I am doing.

Here are my actions I plan to take (the list will be edited with time to cope with my new ideas):-

Listening — at least two pieces VOA news (either special English or standard English) a day.

Writing — one blog article a day.  Sometimes I’m pretty busy at work, but I’ll make sure to make it up when I am more free.

Reading — finish reading two youth books a month.

Speech — one speech a month.  I use Toastmaster topics as a guideline.  I’ll shoot my own video and put it on Youtube.

Greeting people with one more sentence — a) greet everyone I meet;  b) with a genuine and confident attitude;  c) Ask one more question or speak one more sentence besides “how are you” and “good, thank you.  How are you.”

Share a little more about myself — Share how I have been and what I did lately shall be good topics to start conversations.



Chit-chat project daily update:-

Listening:  1) Hollywood’s visual effect;  2) Communication starts from saying Hello.

Writing: Chit-chat project.

Greeting people with one more question:  Had a pleasant chit chat with Glenn about where he plans to put his daughter during summer vacation.  The chit-chat ended up with Glenn giving me the brochure of his daughter’s daycare.  Good reference for Gege.



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