Summer reading program

Yesterday afternoon after I picked up Gege from summer school, we went to the local library.  There is a new summer reading program for kids there.

The program is like this: When 10 books are read, a kid can choose a favorite prize;  When another 10 books are done, another prize will be granted; when the third 10 books are finished, the library will reward the kid a free book.  The expiration date of this program is on August 17.

Wow, this program sounds amazing.  Gege is excited about it.  We registered the program on the spot.  Gege also borrowed tons of books.

As soon as we arrived home, we prepared two boxes to hold the books — box 1 is for the to-be-read books, and box 2 is for the finished-reading books.  When Gege finished reading a book, he’ll move the book from box 1 to box 2.  The name of the book is also recorded on a yellow paper slip from the library.

Gege started reading immediately and he finished 3 picture books in a row.  I was so pleasantly surprised about his efficiency.  I hope he’ll maintain the passion for reading the whole summer to finish at least 30 books.


Chit-chat project daily update:-

1) Listening — growing roses;  Washington Monument.

2) Reading — 90 pages of the book “Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time.”


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