TV Series: Pilgrimage to the West



We finished watching one more time the TV series “Pilgrimage to the West“.  As one of the Four Great Classic Masterpieces of Chinese Culture, Pilgrimage to the West is my all-time favorite.

The story is based on the true legendary pilgrimage of Tang Xuan Zang, a Buddhist monk in Tang Dynasty,  traveled west all the way to India to obtain the authentic Buddhist scriptures.  The novel/TV series is much more mythological.  It describes many magical, dangerous, and exciting experiences during the journey to the west of Tang Monk and his three apprentices — Monkey King, Piggie, and Sha Monk.



Of all the characters, I like Monkey King the most.  He is the most powerful apprentice of  the three.  He can change his body to 72 kinds of different things; he can fly in the sky upon clouds; he has fiery eyes with gold pupils, which can see through all sorts of monsters’ transformations; he flies across 54,000 miles in one somersault.  His weapon is golden cudgel, which changes sizes and weights at will, from as small as an embroidery needle to as big as a pillar to reach to the sky.

Monkey King is smart, optimistic, confident, and loyal to his master Tang Monk.  This time I was especially impressed by his loyalty and respect to his master Tang Monk. Monkey King is always the one who exerts all his strength and make every effort to defeat various monsters and save lives.  Whenever those who are saved lives thank him, he responds, “No. Not me.  You owe it to my master.”  he gives all the credits to his master while actually the Tang Monk doesn’t contribute much.  Obey to the authority– Bible teaches us so.  No matter the authority is competent or not, as long as he is in the position, he deserves the due respect and obedience from subordinates.



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