Youth book reading | Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time

Grade level: 4-7

I finished reading two books recently.  One is Stanford Wong Flunks Big-time by Lisa Yee, and the other one is Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson.  Both are youth books for grade 4-7.  I enjoyed reading both of them.  But when I tried to write some reading review sort of thing, I had difficulty to do so.  Language aside, I think I need to train myself clear logical thinking and writing skills.   Here I put a short summary for Stanford Wong Flunks Big-time.


It was the last day of school before summer.  Six-grader Stanford Wong was eager for the coming Alan Scott’s Basketball Camp.  He was the first ever to-be-seventh grader chosen to Rancho Rosetta Middle School Basketball A-Team.  Basketball is Stanford Wong’s life.  However, the camp plan was ruined because he flunked Mr. Glick’s English class.  This was a BIG issue.  To make it up, Stanford had to take summer school class.  If he didn’t pass summer school English class, he wouldn’t move up to the seventh grade, and that’s instant disqualification for any school sport.

He had to go to summer school the whole summer, while he had to hide carefully the fact from his Roadrunners’ buddies.  His grandma moved out to Vacation Village, an apartment for senior people, and his parents quarreled a lot.  Even worse, his parents arranged his mortal enemy Millicent Min to tutor him on English.  He got his favorite girl Emily Ebers, to whom Stanford pretended to be a super smart guy.  Unfortunately, lie was exposed and Emily found out Stanford was the one to be tutored.  Life went on like a mess.

Slowly, Stanford found English wasn’t as hard as he had thought, and eventually, with Millicent’s help, he passed the exam.  He was qualified to upgrade to the seventh grade.  Emily forgave him and they became boy friend and girl friend.  One of the Roadrunner boys discovered the truth of flunked English class and blackmailed him.  Luckily the other boys of the team stood on his side and gave him warm support.  Stanford finally played basketball in the Rancho Rosetta Middle School Basketball A-Team.

PS. I found Stanford’s book report on Holes (the one Mr. Glick gave an F) was too amusing to be passed up.  So here is the sharing:

Holes is a book.  It was written by a writer.  It has 233 pages and no pictures.  It is about many things.  Many things happen in the book.  There is a hole in the book and the book is about a hole.  There are many chapters about this hole and it is very important hole to have a nook written about it.




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