Youth book reading | The Talented Clementine

Book title: The Talented Clementine

Grades: 2-5


When the teach announced that the third and fourth grades were going to put on a talent show on Saturday to raise money for the big spring trip, all the kids were excited, except Clementine.

Clementine thought she didn’t have any talent to show onstage at all.  She was not good at singing, dancing, musical instruments, or even hopping with finesse.

She tried to talk the teacher into changing the plan, but the teacher wouldn’t listen. She even hinted to the teacher that her family might be moving to Egypt on Friday, so she would have to skip the talent show on Saturday.  The teacher saw through her made-up story and laughed it off.

Her best friend Margaret got a lot of talents, so she had to alphabetize the list.  Clementine tried to borrow one of Margaret’s talents from the list, but none of them came off.

Clementine tried several ideas of talents as well: juggling, tap dancing from Margaret’s talent list, and “Elvis and the laughing dog”.  But none of them seemed to work through.

It was Saturday afternoon rehearsal time.  Clementine went to school, in a hopeless mode.   And then she found herself busy at helping the other performing kids from hurting themselves and all kinds of accidents, and helping them keep on schedule.  Clementine didn’t realize it, but the principle recognized her talent and assigned her to be the assistant director of the show when the teacher-in-charge was absent due to emergency.

Clementine was really helpful at directing everyone to be in order, reminding Margaret to remember her scripts, and handling emergencies.  The principle introduced her as the very talented director to the whole audience at the end of the show and thanked her for making it all possible.  It was a total pleasant surprise!  And she felt so G-O-O-D, good, to have everyone clapped for her.


This book is easy to read.  Not many vocabularies or grammars.  It has 137 pages in total, with several illustrated pictures.  I devoured it in an hour or so.   It’s fun to know kids’ feelings in a difficult situation and how they handle it through.  I rated it 3 stars on a scale of 1-5.


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