Joyful memory

Sometimes the inside voice of my brain gives negative talk or leads me to some bad memories.  This is definitely not good because they will let me down in spirits.  A good solution to deal with this scenario is to consciously change channel and tune in to some joyful memories, on the spot.

One of the joyful memories I had is when I received my university admission notice.  The high school I attended wasn’t very good, and the arts class I belonged to was even worse, only one student being admitted to college in my senior class.  I usually took the first place in my class, but the hope to university was still dim.

When it was the list publication date, on the way to school, I met with another student from my village.  He said he failed, and when I asked if he noticed my class list, he just said “go and look by yourself.”  Wasn’t it an obvious hint that I failed too?  Anyway, I continued riding the bike to school.  When I finally arrived, I mustered up all my courage to go ahead reading the list.  What?  Was my name there on the list?  Rubbing my eyes, I strained my eyes on the list again.  Yes, my name was on it.  I was admitted to the college.

On the way back home, I rode my bike on the wings of the wind.  I couldn’t wait to share the good news with my parents.  When I finally arrived at the marketplace where my mom was doing some shopping, I found my dad was there too, who joined mom right after work.  They had heard the good news from one of my dad’s coworker, whose daughter was my schoolmate and spread the news.  My parents felt so happy for me.  It wasn’t easy for my parents to afford my brother and sister and me to school.  It’s kind of relief for them to finally send me into college and foresee a better life in front of me.  I felt grateful to my parents for all the sacrifices they took and all the love they give us.

This memory always made spirit feel happy and made my heart feel warm.


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