Make bread for the Lord’s table

I was in charge of making bread for the Lord’s table in our Church last Lord’s day.

I got up early on Sunday morning and scheduled half an hour to the work.  Sister Su taught me how to make bread before and I scratched some notes of the procedures and attached them on the fridge for easy and quick references.  Also, this was not the first time that I made bread for our Church.  I did twice before, and they were both successful.   So, I thought half an hour was a reasonable time slot to make it done.  However, beyond my expectation, I redid the bread five times and it took me more than 2 hours.

For the first two, the pie dough went dry quickly when they were rollen flattened.  I thought it might be caused by the flowing air from the open windows.  So I closed the windows.

The third one was better and not so dry.  But when I attempted to gild the lily and make the pie thinner, the bread broke.

Then I made a fourth dough.  The pie was good during the rolling.  This time I didn’t follow the recipe by putting the baking plate in the oven in advance,  the bread was broken again quickly after it was baked.

For the fifth time, I strictly followed the taught procedure.  I put the baking plate in the oven during pre-heat.   When the pie was rolled well, I put it in the hot baking plate and turn it 8 times on each side, and then I bake it for 4 more minutes.  Finally this pie turned out good.

My hubby said the many failures were due to my perfectionism.  I always tried to make the bread thinner and thinner, till it was like a sheet of paper.  Hubby said it was unnecessary to make it so thin.  I agreed with what he said.  So the fifth one wasn’t as thin as my pre-set criteria.

At the same time,  I believe so many failures were a sign from the Lord to make me to watch.  These days my spirit was weak, and I haven’t read Bible for many days.  It’s time for me to strengthen my spirit and start to read Lord’s words.  Praise the Lord for the “watch”!



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