Cruises to Mexico

We did the trip to Mexico Ensenada during spring break, at the end of March.  So this is a very belated review.   We all had a lot of fun.  Cruise trip is highly recommended for families with youngsters.  On the ship kids have a lot of activities: mini golf, water play, camps, games, etc. etc.  Parents are able to completely relax on the ship, no need to worry about traffic, no need to think hard about what to cook, and the best part is you can have fun without taking the kids with you all the time.  There are camps where you can put your kids there.  All cool!


This is the cruise ship, Carnival Inspiration.



Gege had a good time there.  Look at the sweet smile.


2014-03-25_08-29-51_276 7


Meimei likes to make faces in front of cameras. I love how cute she is!



6  4


Gege loves meimei, and meimei loves gege.  They play well together 🙂


1 3




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