Simple life | Chew slowly

My husband likes to eat all kinds of nuts. When he eats, he chews slowly. He explains that nuts are too hard to digest. It is essential to chew slowly and smash it evenly before swollow. This way helps stomach absorb the nutrition.

I totally agree with him. However, with a quick temper, I’m always in a state of rushing for time and hardly have enough patience to eat slowly. Usually i can easily beat my husband at 3:1, which means i can finish 3 peanuts while he barely swallow the first one.

On the recent trip to Las Vegas, we ate peanuts as snacks on the road. This time my husband was driving and i had no excuse of rushing, so i follow suit my husband’s way and chew the peanuts slowly. To my pleasant surprise, i had a whole new experience of this chewing practice, besides what my husband has explained above regarding the benefit of nutrition absorption.

Put a peanut in the mouth, gently touch it with your tough and taste its rich flavor, crunch it with your teeth and hear the crouchy sound, use you tough to feel the whole peanut turning into small pieces and then into fine particles; swallow it slowly and make sure all the particles going down in the right direction.

With this practice, i was focusing on the moment of present and totally be mindful of the eating process. The process calmed me down and empty my noisy brain. A peaceful mind rested in my body. I felt relaxing while automatically pulling myself together. It’s a new wonderful experience.


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