Simple life | love within a bigger perspective

The kids and I sat at the table for dinner while hubby was busily preparing the drinks for us.

He poured the juice into four glasses, took two of them, walked towards the table, and he put the fist glass in front of me. The second was for Eric, and the third and fourth for Daisy and himself.

He did all these in a natural and smooth way, and always in the sames sequence, although I only noticed it recently. Sometimes the kids shouted loudly for drink upon hubby walking toward the table, but he still pass the first drink in front of me.

This is one of the smallest details of our daily life. From it, I appreciate hubby’s care and thought for our family. He puts me on higher priority, he shows respect on me, and he is using all these little details to set examples for our kids. Being unconsciously influenced, the kids will learn to respect parents, and later on, they’ll also show respect to their life partners.

Upon introspection, I seldom pay attention to such details. In fact, whenever I pass drinks at meal, I pass to the kids first. The kids weigh too much on my mind and I always put kids on the highest priority, sometimes I even neglect my husband’s feelings without knowing. Hubby loves the kids too, but he loves within a bigger perspective and with a bigger heart, which I’m lack of and shall learn.

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